Hop Tien Cargo is pleased to sponsor “BNI HCMC6 CUP 2022” in the sports activities of the third Business Matching event organized by BNI HCM 6.

BNI is a global trade connection organization, founded in the US in 1985 by Dr. Ivan Misner and present in Vietnam since 2010, with the mission to help members grow their business through word of mouth marketing programs, creating an environment that connects business owners with each other, increasing opportunities to promote and market services and products of businesses to users. In order to improve the efficiency of giving and receiving business opportunities for members, BNI sets out a number of operating principles for members to meet weekly to communicate their products and services; at the same time, every week, meet at least 1 member of the chapter and before meeting, send partners all information, business orientation, target customers… Especially when participating in the chapter, each member is registered 1 monopolistic business line, so there will be no internal competition, but only cooperation for development; Business performance of members will be quantified by public and transparent figures…

In response to the campaign, which is also the theme for 2022 “Better Together”, with the goal of giving members the opportunity to interact and connect with each other. Recently, BNI HCMC6 held the Business Matching 3 event following the success of previous times. The event was extremely successful thanks to the careful and thoughtful preparation from the organizers. In addition, playing an equally important role in the success of the event is the sports activity with “BNI HCMC6 CUP 2022”, which aims to create a healthy playground, launch the forging movement. health training, improving the spirit of physical training and sports for businessmen of BNI members; Facilitate exchanges and strengthen solidarity and friendship between members in each chapter in particular, as well as between members of 8 chapters of BNI in HCMC6 in general (Chapters participating in the tournament: BNI Commitment, BNI Ownership, BNI Wow, BNI Balance, BNI Gratitude, BNI Clarity, BNI Confidence, BNI System). The tournament, which took place from July 9, 2022 to August 6, 2022 was very exciting, livestreamed with extremely attractive live commentators. Congratulations to the teams and individuals that have won the tournament titles: ️ WINNER: BNI WOW Chapter, ️ Runner-up: BNI BALANCE Chapter, ️ Third place: BNI OWNERSHIP Chapter & BNI CONFIDENCE Chapter, Impressive Supporter Award: BNI CLARITY Chapter Top Goal Scorer: Anh Tuan Dat (18-Wow), Best Goalkeeper: Anh Le Van Dong (10-Ownership).

And sports activities are successfully organized with sponsors such as: Phuc Khang Mobile Technology Co., Ltd; HOPE TIEN TRANSPORT TRADING SERVICE CO., LTD; Takara Vietnam Trading Joint Stock Company; Go Global Distribution Joint Stock Company; Thai Son Trading and Construction Company Limited; Veston Quoc Vy Co., Ltd; East Sea Jumping Squid Joint Stock Company; BLUE OCEAN TOURS; Viet Han Food Import Export Trading Co., Ltd;….

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