Customs Declaration – Customs Clearance Services

In Vietnam, the process of carrying out customs procedures often has through many steps, many stages with many new customs policies issued, constantly updated, changing from year to year.

With the trend of shifting production and the commitment with the international trade agreements, Vietnam’s import and export process increased volumes more and more. Accordingly, enterprises must also prepare and complete customs declaration and customs clearance procedures so that the process of exporting and importing goods takes place smoothly to meet the deadline of production schedule and orders.

Customs Declaration Service at Hop Tien Cargo

Hợp Tien Cargo specializes in providing customs declaration services for imports and exports at all seaports and airports in Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Hai Phong, Hanoi.
With many experience years in providing customs declaration services, we have a lot of good relationships with the relevant authorities on goods clearance activities, Hop Tien Cargo can process all relevant tasks and procedures on behalf of customers to upgrade the customs trust index of customers highly, from there, they are entitled to procedural incentives from customs authorities.

In addition to meeting the requirements of quick customs clearance of goods, accurate declaration of import and export tax, we also have fully  knowledge about the tax incentive policies and the tariff preference agreements to support our customers receiving the highest preferential tax rate in accordance with current regulations.

We commit that customers will be completely satisfied with the quality of Customs Declaration service from Hop Tien Cargo.

Goods Clearance Service at Hop Tien Cargo

Hop Tien Cargo provides customs clearance services as the request of customers. With many years of experience, we can carry out customs clearance procedures for many different items such as:

Reasons to choose Hop Tien Cargo

Hợp Tiến Cargo always carry out the customs declaration and customs clearances of goods exactly with the speed. We commit that: