Domestic Freight Shipping Services

With the economy growing rapidly and the global demand for freight, Hop Tien Cargo  affirmed the superiority of its international freight shipping service early. We always ensure the speed, professionalism and quality, the international freight shipping service of Hop Tien Cargo is confident to meet all the various demands of customers.

Details of international freight shipping service at Hợp Tien Cargo

As the leading logistics company in Vietnam, Hop Tien Cargo always brings the safe domestic freight service. At Hop Tien Cargo, we offer three options for domestic shipping services depending on our own needs, ensuring the best experience for all customers, including:

Domestic shipping routes of Hop Tien Cargo

With the partnership with 23 domestic airports and many transportation companies (road, air, sea,…), Hop Tien Cargo has built shipping routes to meet the needs of customers such as:

Reasons to choose Hop Tien Cargo

Hop Tien Cargo has established its place in the charter rental industry through years of growth and constant improvement, we will make sure to provide customers with the best service possible.

Especially, Hop Tien Cargo also has a Super Express shipping service for customers who need to deliver their goods urgently. We are committed that the customer’s goods will reach the recipient within 6 hours to meet the urgent delivery needs of the customer as soon as having  a flight.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

- Air Freight Services

Q: Can live animals be shipped?

A: Live animals can still be transported by air if they are healthy during transportation and must have a valid certificate from the veterinary authority.

Q: How to send bulky goods?

A: We support you to pick up the goods and deliver them to your door. From standard packing to loading and unloading, we will support you with the best service.

Hỏi: How to optimize shipping cost?

A: The packaging of the items is crucial for reducing shipping expenses. When determining the fee using the formula Length x Width x Height / 5000, packing neatly will assist the weight of your purchase minimized.

- Road Freight Services

Q: Is it possible to transport heavy, large, bulky goods?

A: We can transport heavy goods such as vehicles, equipment, machinery, furniture, high-volume agricultural products,...

Q: When we send bulky goods, any supporting from Hop Tien Cargo ?

A: We will pick up goods at your home or deliver them to your home. From packing to carrying goods, we also support with the best service.

Q: Why should we choose the road freight service?

A: Compared to sea or air transport, the price of road transport is cheaper and more reasonable can be used at any time you need, unlimited in terms of space and time.

- Sea Freight Services

Q: What types of goods can be transported by sea freight?

A: Sea freight can handle all types of cargo and has a large capacity to carry large volumes of goods over long distances. This is the only form of transportation that is suitable for bulky, super-heavy, oversized and oversized goods with long distances.

Q: How does sea freight cost compare to air freight?

A: Sea freight is cheaper than air freight. Especially for large, heavy shipments, ocean shipping is often less expensive than air freight.