Full Charter Flight Services

A charter flight, which first appeared in the 1960s of the 19th century, is a flight that is booked for the entire journey in accordance with the itinerary specified by the customers. Depending on the arrangement between the two parties, charter flights may be used to transport passengers, cargo, or a combination of the two. The crew and flight schedule for charter flights are flexible.

Chartering a full trip is a lifesaver for companies that have overloaded, or perishable frozen goods so that commodities can be moved easily, quickly, and securely.

Hop Tien Cargo is the industry innovator in Vietnam when it comes to using charter flights to facilitate the movement of products, kicking off the charter age in the air transportation sector.

Details of charter rental service at Hop Tien Cargo

As the leading logistics company in the country, Hop Tien Cargo has cooperated with airlines all around the world and opened a charter flight service to meet all transportation needs of customers.

Flexible domestic and international flights according to customer requirements
We provide charter flights with time, place, and schedule completely according to customer needs. 24/7 customer support, proactive in checking the situation of goods, and able to transport a variety of different types of goods, including fresh, dangerous, or oversized goods.

Best price offered
Hop Tien Cargo’s charter rental price is considered the best today with many attractive incentives. All charter flights have a clear total fee and are specifically provided to the customer.

Best service quality and secure delivery
Hop Tien Cargo is committed to giving customers the best service experience. All charter flights will depart and arrive on schedule, ensuring absolute safety for passengers and cargo.

What kind of goods does Hop Tien Cargo's charter flights service apply to?

Reasons to choose Hop Tien Cargo

Hop Tien Cargo has established its place in the charter rental industry through years of growth and constant improvement, we will make sure to provide customers with the best service possible.

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Q: What types of aircraft does Hop Tien Cargo provide full-flight rental service on?

A: We can supply almost all types, depending on the needs of our customers, we provide common types such as Airbus A321, Airbus A330, Airbus A350, Boeing 777, and Boeing 787,…

Q: Is the charter price for the whole trip high? What procedures are required?

A: The price of chartering a full trip is not high compared to the benefits it brings, which are the convenience, speed as well as specificity of products that are difficult to transport normally.