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Dedicated - Devoted - Conscientious


We are working responsibly and not afraid of difficulties.


With our wholehearted working, customer's cargo is carried with care as well as ours.


We are working with all our abilities and delivering the best values to customers.

The modern technology applied at Hợp Tien Cargo ensures fast, accurate, professional and safe service at the best cost.

With a growth rate of over 30% per year, Hợp Tien Cargo is an first level agent of major domestic airlines such as Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Cargo, Bamboo Airways, ... With international routes, Hop Tien Cargo has the destination network in over the world through 88 airlines and is the leading logistics service provider in Vietnam with the quality systems according to international standards.

Hop Tien Cargo has been successfully organizing the full charter flights from Vietnam to countries such as Japan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, South Korea ...

Carrying Out The Mission

Carrying And Protecting a lot of customer's cargo and assets

Not resting on our laurels, Ms. Man Tue has cherished new goals and plans so that Hop Tien can bring more value to customers, partners and society. Keep an eye on Hop Tien's progress!

Hop Tien Transport Trading Services Co., Ltd. was established.
Personal Brand Story

Following the passion

She threw herself into new business and overcome a lot of difficulties, challenges. This is the first milestones and also the most memorable milestone of her.

Be a rare woman in the air freight industry with the nature of care and protection, Hop Tien is built by her to become a cohesive team with the core values: Devoted, Dedicated and Conscientious.

Brand Story

Transporting Customer's Precious Cargo By Our Best Care

  • Established at 12 pm on July 13th, 2018 in Da Nang - Our beloved Central Vietnam
  • On August 28th, 2018: The first Package of Hop Tien which its weight is 28 Kilogram is Sent from Da Nang to Hanoi

Although it is considered as the young generation in the cargo freight industry, Hop Tien has been learning the experiences of others, researching and innovating to create more power, catch up and take the lead in Hop Tien's target markets.

On April 1st, 2020

The First Charter Flight Service Is Deployed

Hop Tien was the first one which converted one of its Boeing 787-9 aircraft to transport 24 tons of SamSung's cargo from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City. This is also the first shot that opened a new period for Vietnamese air freight industry. Since, following the pioneering steps of Hop Tien, others have also learned and started to deploy the charter flight services.

Maintaining Our Strengths

In Southeast Asia

After the impressed pioneering steps, Hop Tien continues to maintain its strengths in The Asian market and especially in Southeast Asia, with regular shipments from Vietnam to countries: Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia,...

From September 23th, 2020 until now, Hop Tien maintained the Ho Chi Minh - Jakarta flight with a schedule of 3 flights per week through the airlines such as: VietJet Air, Asia Cargo Airlines, Vietnam Airlines.

Hop Tien cooperated with partners to open more flights on GM and the frequence of per week is 2 flights.

Development And Stability

Prestigious and Strong Brand

Until now, after overcoming a lot of challenges and difficulties, Hop Tien has become one of the prestigious and strong brand in the air freight industry and trusts by partners and customers.

Customers only go to good night's sleep, others will be handled by Hop Tien.

Our Expertise

After the impressed pioneering steps, Hop Tien continues to maintain its strengths in The Asian market in general and Southeast Asia in particular, with regular shipments from Vietnam to countries: Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia ...

Full Charter Flight Services

Depending on the needs of our customers, we always have the suitable services.

International Freight Shipping Services

Hop Tien Cargo always brings the international freight services with high quality.

Domestic Freight Shipping Services

We provide quality shipping service and at a reasonable cost.